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Who We Are

Advances in Hospice is a philanthropic program of the Brandenburg Maas Life Transition Center, established in 2009 as a privately funded and mission-driven organization to support projects, initiatives, and research that address personal transition periods and life altering pathways in the areas of health, loss, careers, and relationships.

About Us

What is Advances in Hospice

A growing body of knowledge in the field of thanatology is yielding a more comprehensive understanding of end of life issues, resulting in differing theories, techniques, and approaches in service of those at this stage of life. Advances In Hospice brings this varied thinking to the forefront for the hospice professional, and expands access to research and information to the pioneers and contemporaries who provide it.
  • Advances in Hospice is currently FREE to registered participants.
  • Advances in Hospice recognizes the importance and value of providing diverse opinions and ideas in the assessment, support, treatment, and counseling of grief and loss.
  • Advances in Hospice is a research and education based network available to anyone interested in end-of-life care.  We are dedicated to providing excellence for the hospice caregiver.

We are a proud member of ADEC



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